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Established in 2003,Website:, Pherobio Technology Co., Ltd is the very first company engaged in insect pheromone research and development, production and marketing in P.R.China. We provide quality and reliable insect pheromone products to ?the development of sustainble agriculture world-wide. Collaborating with more than ten leading Chinese institutes including?the Chinese Academy of Forestry, Institute of Plant Protection and the Academy?of Agricultural Science, we have developed and produced more than 120 types of insect pheromone products for the use of monitoring, prevention and control of pest in the fields of agriculture, forestry and food storage. The products are distributed in every provinces and cities throughout mainland China via our subsidiaries. We also have a world-wide connection of users and distributors as our loyal partner.?As a faithful insect pheromone product provider , we receive fundings and awards every year from top Chinese institutes and Chinese agriculture departments. The main office of Pherobio Technology is located in Beijing,capital city of P.R.China. The Beijing office include one office building and two research labs. Here over 60 people are employed in sales, logistics, consultancy and research.
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Pheromone trap manufacturer,Insect pheromone supplier,Pheromone lure product,Synthetic pheromone producer,Mating disruption products,Fly trap manufacturer,Moth pheromone trap
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